In light of the recent developments in the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd is currently closed to all outside visitors until further notice. This decision has been taken in order to protect our clients and minimise their risk of exposure to the virus. Please see this article from Care Management Matters magazine regarding best practices for care homes. If you have any concerns about the closure, please contact us by email at or by phone on 01827 383 855.

Supporting you to support your loved ones

Supporting you to support your loved ones

Take back control of your dependent’s Trust Fund

Eliminate legal fees.

Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd gives you the power to run your own support team to provide appropriate and
specialist care. To receive more information via email enter your details below:

    Take control of the Trust Fund – Funding your care, what you need to know

    Get support to set up your Care Team

    Complete Care Plans

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    Don’t rely on large corporate solicitors for Trust Fund and case management – Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd can give you the tools to take back control, save money and improve quality of life for your loved one.

    Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd was created to help families set up and run their own support team and manage their own case management to provide specialist care for their loved ones.

    We provide specialist case management help and support to clients who have suffered with severe and complex injuries, such as brain injury, spinal cord injury and physical disabilities.

    With our specialist and experienced team, we will support you to assess, plan, implement, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the options and services required to meet your loved one’s health, social and educational needs. We will help you utilise the resources available to take complete ownership of their care, thus eliminating the high costs associated with using corporate solicitors or case management companies for all these services.

    A personal guide through the mountain of paperwork and requirements for:

    Brain Injury Care

    Brain Injury Care

    Support for those providing care for loved ones with brain injuries
    High Dependency Care

    High Dependency Care

    No fixed cost support services for caregivers to those requiring high dependency care.
    Spinal Injury Care

    Spinal Injury Care

    Guidance and resources for caregivers of those with spinal injuries.
    Domiciliary Home Care

    Domiciliary Home Care

    A guide through the mountain of requirements associated with domiciliary home care.

    Accredited by the CQC, we can guide you through every aspect of running your own support team to provide appropriate specialist care for spinal injury survivors with complex physical and cognitive impairment.

    Take back control and make the decisions that matter most.

    • By working with Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd, you will receive a personal guide through the mountain of paperwork and legislative requirements associated with taking full control.
    • We work closely with our clients and their loved one to help them achieve the highest quality of life and to fulfil their potential. We achieve this by giving guardians the power to take back control and make the decisions that matter most.
    • From helping you assess and implement care for individuals, through to supporting you in decisions relating to the health and wellbeing of your dependent, we will support you to create a bespoke care package in accordance with your exact requirements and timescales.
    • Our aim is to help families create a long-term care planning strategy, that leave both the family’s and loved ones in full control of not only their Trust Fund, but the decisions that have the biggest impact on their lives.