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Supporting you to support your loved ones

Supporting you to support your loved ones

About us


Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd, was founded in 2011 by Toni Mousley – caregiver for her son Ben, a spinal injury survivor.

The company’s objective is simple – to give all caregivers the knowledge, tools and guidance needed to take back control of a loved one’s Trust Fund and ongoing care plan.

The company offers an array of bespoke, tailorable services to caregivers of people with brain and spinal injuries, as well as those requiring high-dependency and domiciliary home care.

UCP’s services include:

  • Assistance finding the right solicitor to manage legal issues
  • Knowledge of how to take control of your loved one’s Trust Fund to ensure they receive the most from it
  • Calculating and understanding the statutory benefits you’re entitled to
  • Providing access to local care facilities and support networks
  • Advising on property adaptations and specialist vehicles
  • Helping you to understand the medical equipment your loved one requires – and providing training on how to use it
  • Helping you to implement and manage a care team, including HR, Payroll and employment law support.

Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd was created in 2011 – to provide support to all caregivers who want to take back control of their dependent’s Trust Fund and care plan.

Toni now runs Ben’s care team and manages his Trust Fund independently, allowing Ben to prosper and live life to the fullest. She explains:

“I started Unique Care Provider (UCP) Ltd to ensure that caregivers in my situation have full access to the knowledge they need, and the tools required to take back control.
When awarded a large sum of money we are led to believe that we need to rely on the “experts” to manage this Trust Fund, and that their ongoing expenses were normal. This is not the case – we can equip any caregiver with the tools, training and support they need, to ensure that their loved one receives the best possible care and value from their fund, without any need for the astronomical costs associated with case management solicitors”.

The company is Care Quality Commission accredited, and works with independent, professional trustees and outsourced advisers, to help other caregivers in her situation.

If you are a caregiver for someone with a spinal injury, brain injury or anyone that requires high dependency or domiciliary home care, please read on…

Toni and Ben’s story…

Ben was born with a diaphragmatic hernia and in the early years of his life was diagnosed with severe scoliosis of the spinal cord.  By the time he was 9, the curvature of Ben’s spine was over 90 degrees and he underwent several major operations and procedures. Ben was subject to countless healthcare failings, and by the time he was 13, his family was having to make the life-shattering decision as to whether they should turn his life support off.

After an unprecedented ‘miracle’, which was documented by the BBC at the time and supported by Southampton General Hospital, Ben began to breathe for himself again without the support of a machine – something his family had been told he would never be able to do.

After 13 years, Ben’s condition was for the first time improving.  Damages were awarded to Ben in the form of a Trust Fund, to compensate for mistakes made and to cover ongoing costs, such as the full-time care team he was now dependent on.  The NHS could not facilitate the home-based staff, medical equipment and support that Ben required, so Toni had little option other than using a solicitor and case management company to support the management of Ben’s Trust Fund.

Focussed on the prospect of getting Ben home, Toni used this support to help her with the implementation of Ben’s new, life-long care plan.  However, it quickly became apparent that her support team were charging rates that were unsustainable in the long-term, which had the potential to impact both Ben and his ongoing care requirements.

Fighting her way through the medical, legal and financial systems to find answers, Toni discovered that she could in fact take back complete control of Ben’s destiny – and was able to manage both his Trust Fund and full-time care team, without the need for a  solicitor’s contract that was ultimately draining the resources available to Ben.